Whether it's French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Italian, Japanese, Russian, etc. You speak multiple languages and that's downright rad!

Somehow I’m drunk in an airport and I’m magically able to remember this account’s email and password (just not my personal blog’s). Sorry for the hiatus. I’ll be back in a week to restart this sucker. In the mean time… Ça va?

absurdlydelicious-deactivated20 asked: Spectacular and relevant tumblr is spectacular and relevant. :') Next semester I'll be taking 16 credits worth of Japanese, Chinese, and Portuguese. Preparing myself to be that crazy person in class who answers in the wrong language half the time and is baffled when people laugh.

Oh my goodness, best wishes!

sonyashnyky asked: I really do love this blog. I'm not a foreign language major, but a cultural anthropologist who learned English and Spanish at the same time (I officially spoke Spanish first) and I'm currently learning Russian, Ukrainian, Greek, Portuguese, Georgian, Catalan and Turkish. While for the most part I don't qualify with everything here, I do love knowing I'm not alone in my love for languages!

You are most definitely not alone! Good luck with your studies!

Anonymous asked: FRIEND LOOKS AT IPOD


[Picture: Background: 6-piece pie-style color split with red and blue alternating. Foreground: Grey elephant in the centre facing to the left. Top text: “ [Writing in Spanish] ” Bottom text: “ [Thinking in French] ”]

chainsandcherries asked: I started studying Japanese in middle school and now I'm minoring in it in university! :D

Funny how that happens, huh.

fyeahcoffeeshopcivet asked: Languages are fun! Currently trying to learn some sign language (ASL) - almost got finger-spelling down, and a few useful signs. I know some rudimentary Japanese German, and Pennsylvania Dutch (it's quite similar to Yiddish, I just learned). I'd like to become fluent in PA Dutch and Japanese and ASL. Most of all, it's useful to be able to speak to a friend privately when you're out in public! :D
Great blog, and Macht's Gut you guys! ("Make it good", kind of well-wishing statement in PA Dutch)

Oh yay, thanks! Hope everything works out for you!